Roses that last a year

Amara Fleurs offers you the chance to give pleasure with special attention Our selection of eternal roses

All about one year rose

The roses that last a year is absolutely true and is created to maintain the aesthetics and colour of an "eternal" rose. To stabilise the roses, we proceed as follows: as soon as the roses reach the ideal state of ripeness, they are picked by hand and a technically advanced process begins, whereby we replace the natural liquids of the rose with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring agents. These everlasting roses come in all colours, from light to bright; they are used for wedding decorations or for beautiful centrepieces, but also as beautiful gifts to please your loved ones with stabilised roses. Knowing how to store a rose is the secret to making it resist the passage of time, so no water and away from the hot sun, but the enemy is also humidity, keeping it inside protects it from anything that can damage it. This is why flower boxes with stabilised roses were created. To remove dust, simply proceed carefully with small brushes.

How do fresh roses become roses that last a year ?

For processing, we work exclusively with the best hand-picked roses. As soon as they reach the state of ripeness, they are subjected to a technically advanced process, which consists of replacing the natural liquids with a liquid mixture of glycerine, water and colouring agents. The result is a beautiful product that looks like a freshly picked rose. Natural looking, but can be stored for over a year! What is our secret? We practically stabilise the growth process. This way, the rose retains its natural beauty, silky shine and beautiful, bright colour. Unlike natural roses, stabilised roses do not need to be watered or given any other type of care, perfect for unforgettable gifts.

How are lasting roses used in France ?

These roses are highly sought after by designers, florists and window dressers. They are also regularly used at weddings, where they are used as corsages, cake decorations or table decorations. The fact that this product has many admirers is reflected in the fact that special workshops are even organised in our country for decoration or florist workshops based on lasting roses (see our instagram account @Amarafleurs). There are two formats of boxes to offer on our e-shop, the round boxes and the square boxes. We have created the Majestic, Lavish and Forever collections to give you an idea of the formats available. Make your choice and please your recipient.

Buy roses that last a year in our online shop.

In our online shop you can buy stabilised roses quickly, safely and easily without having to register as a customer. With the social media links, payment is even quicker, as there is no need to enter your address. Our stabilised roses are available in 15 rose colours, 2 box colours and 4 sizes: large, medium, small and single. Our roses are sold with a fast delivery from stock in a beautiful packaging with viewer. All prices in the online shop include VAT.

How much does an one year rose cost ?

Certainly cheaper than a diamond, the price of a lasting rose varies depending on the type of rose, size and composition you wish to purchase. A single stabilised rose can cost from a minimum of €20.00 to a maximum of €50.00. If we are talking about a composition of roses that last a year, the price varies from € 50.00 to more than € 300.00: it all depends on the number of roses you want to offer.



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