Amara Flowers is the story of a group of friends, citizens of the World and Globe Trotters, from France, New York, Geneva, Rome, who share this deep wonder in front of the beauty of the planet, flowers and especially roses.

Amara Fleurs, aims to respect this beauty, nature, and make it available to everyone all the time everywhere.

The eternal roses, stemming from an organic agriculture, make this dream come true.

Amara Fleurs is a love story to share. We want to enchant you with its exceptional Roses, carefully chosen and treated like precious stones in their case to come and embellish your atmospheres.

The beauty of the flowers will bring you continuous joy.

Amara Fleurs, thanks to a revolutionary process, keeps the flowers in their purest, most dazzling aspect. It is the eternal flowers.

We celebrate the love of life, its beauty, and the desire to enjoy it endlessly. Therefore, what could be more natural than to choose the name AMARA for our flowers, the name of the eternal home of indra, King of the gods in the Vedic mythology of Ancient India.

Our flowers invite you to an Odyssey ... Let yourself be tempted.