Question about the product eternal roses:

1 Are the roses real or artificial?

The eternal roses Amara flowers are roses 100% of natural origin.

2 What is an eternal rose?

The eternal roses used by Amara flowers are silky roses from Colombia. Each rose is carefully cultivated until it reaches its maximum bloom, then it is picked, delicately prepared and shipped to our premises. Our supplier of eternal roses obtains this aspect of the flowers by a technique of dehydration of the rose to then dye them with natural techniques to the different colors that Amara Fleurs offers you.

3 Do eternal roses really last 1 year?

Who doesn't like to receive flowers and especially a bouquet of roses from a friend, a family member or a loved one? Unfortunately, traditional roses usually last only 10 days before they start to wilt. Thanks to the process explained above, our eternal roses can last at least one year if the advice for maintaining the product is followed. You will be happy to enjoy their color and smell much longer than traditional flowers. Indeed the perfume of roses embalm the room two to three weeks more than a traditional rose.

4 Can I take the roses out of their box?

We strongly advise our customers not to take the flowers out of their box for aesthetic and product quality reasons. The roses are cut and arranged meticulously to fit perfectly in the boxes. To take out the roses of the boxes would damage the floral composition.

5 How do I maintain my bouquet of eternal roses?

Just because eternal roses are supposed to last a year doesn't mean they don't need maintenance to maximize their life span. However, maintaining a bouquet of eternal roses is not a constraint, with this minimal maintenance. Do not water the roses

Your roses must be kept in an environment at room temperature.

6 What collections and sizes of boxes do we offer?

Our boxes of eternal roses are available in two shapes, square or round in black and white and in 3 different sizes (Add sizes ....)

7 What are our available models

We offer two types of so-called collection boxes. The ecrin collection and the crystal collection.

8 How many roses are in each box.

The number of roses varies according to thecollection, the size of the boxes

Case collection:

Majestic square: 42 - 49 roses

Majestic round: 38 - 42 roses

Gorgeous square: 16 roses

Gorgeous round: 13 - 15 roses

Forever (square): 4 roses

The one (round): 1 roses

Crystal Collection

Crystalline: 5 roses

Diamond: 1 roses

Question about shipping and delivery:

1 Which shipping partner do we work with?

We ship our orders with the Chronopost Group and DPD

2 How much does shipping cost?

Our shipping costs are the same regardless of the country of destination. The amount is 9,90€. The delivery will be made in 2 to 3 working days maximum after shipment except for special events that may delay the delivery.

3 What happens if you are not present on the day of delivery:

4 Can you schedule a delivery date.

Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to offer delivery by appointment with our partner. However, to have a maximum of information on your package tracking a mail will be sent to you to follow the evolution of the delivery live.

5 In which countries can you be delivered.

We ship throughout Europe. We are able to ship outside of  Europe provided you  pay additional shipping charges.To do so, just write us an e-mail at the following address: info@amarafleurs.com and we will be able to calculate the cost of delivery.

6 What happens if my package is damaged upon receipt of the order.

All our orders are prepared and handled with care. In addition, our shipping boxes have been specially designed to protect the roses and their box during transport. However, if your delivery should arrive damaged, please notify us by email at info@amarafleurs.com within 12 hours of delivery.

Means of payment:

1 Which means of payment do we offer?

It is possible to pay by bank transfer, credit card, Paypal, Bancontact, Giropay, Apple pay

2 Is the payment secure?

For all our payment transactions, we use the best on the market and secure payment methods. Paypal and Mollie protect your banking data in complete safety by always being in conformity with the banking requirements established by the European standards.

Partnership or special event:

1 Is it possible to have an offer for our wedding

Congratulations and thank you for thinking of Amara Fleurs to make this special day even more beautiful. Send us your request by email at info@amarafleurs.com explaining your project and we will send you a price offer very quickly.

2 Is possible to offer your flowers for a special event (Seminar, Birthday, Baptism...)

If you are a professional or a private individual and you wish to receive an offer for an event you are organizing, you can write to us at the following address: info@amarafleurs.com.

3 Marketing and press relations

For all requests for press relations or partnership please contact us directly by email at the following address: info@amarafleurs.com